Fantasy Author Verna McKinnon

About Verna

Verna McKinnon is the author of The Bardess of Rhulon, Bastard Sorceress, and The Familiar's Tale series, Gate of Souls, book 1 & Tree of Bones, book 2. She graduated from the University of Nebraska with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. When she finally pursued her love of writing and storytelling, she chose fantasy and science fiction as her genre of choice. Along with her novels, she has published over thirty short stories published various webzines, print magazines. Many of her previously published short stories are available on her website to read. Verna lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband, author Rick Hipps, and too many books. Avid lover of fantasy, science fiction and all things joyous and geeky, Verna believes in the power of heroines to change the lives of all who read. With many planned novels brewing her in imagination, she writes obsessively and drinks lots of coffee. More fantasy tales brimming with heroines are coming soon.


I grew up watching science fiction and fantasy shows like Star Trek and Twilight Zone. It shaped me in a great way. It opened my mind. That is a good thing. It allows knowledge to seep in. It enables creativity. Kids need to be creative. I basically had two sides as I was growing up. As future fantasy nerd girl who loved science fiction and fantasy in all forms, I began pursuing my writing. I just did it.. Thank heavens for computers, as I am a lousy typist. I have always had a love of animals from earliest childhood. Maybe that is why animals are such a strong presence in my Familiar's Tale series. I love animals and no not trust people who don't.

As I was learning my craft, I became grateful for the donut and coffee shops I haunted with my piles of notebooks, pens, and reference material as I sat downing coffee and sugary or salty goodies as I composed my opus ideas. Writing is a demanding art. You cannot just wait for inspiration or wonder if you are qualified or will find a publisher. Just write! Dream and wonder about "what if" (thank you Ray Bradbury). Write and write some more. Be inspired. Read-a lot! Do it. No one is going to help you but you. You must find your way and the people who will support you.


I admire so many authors. There are so many great writers in the genre. I am discovering more all the time.


I write novels and short stories for publication. I still drink too much coffee (it is the substance of life) I have my writing nook in my study with my favorite reference books, piles of notebooks, stuffed animals, cork boards crammed with inspiration pics, post it notes, scribbles, and project lists as I sit in my chair and type new worlds into existence on my blue laptop. That's what I do. It makes me happy.